Jumat, 26 Juni 2009

Mystery surrounds Michael Jackson's sudden death

One day after Michael Jackson's sudden death, speculation was already turning to what killed the 50-year-old "King of Pop" just weeks before a long-awaited series of comeback concerts.

A family attorney said on Friday he had been concerned that Jackson's use of prescription drugs for dancing-related injuries would eventually prove fatal and that the entertainer's inner circle had ignored his warnings.

Authorities scheduled an autopsy for Friday. But they cautioned it could take weeks to determine a cause of death, which will likely have to wait for the return of toxicology tests. Those tests will determine if Jackson had any drugs, alcohol or prescription medications in his system.

Jackson, a former child star who became one of the best-selling pop artists of all time before descending into a strange and reclusive lifestyle amid accusations of child molestation, died Thursday afternoon at a Los Angeles hospital. He had been rushed to the hospital in full cardiac arrest after collapsing at his nearby rental home.

Jackson's passing was front-page news around the world as airwaves filled with his greatest hits from "Thriller" to "Billie Jean" and social networking sites were bombarded with messages and tributes from fans and musicians.

"It's so sad and shocking," former Beatle Paul McCartney said. "I feel privileged to have hung out and worked with Michael. He was a massively talented boy man with a gentle soul. His music will be remembered forever."

Few details were known about the circumstances surrounding Jackson's death but he was reportedly unconscious and not breathing by the time he arrived at UCLA Medical Center. Doctors were unable to revive him.

His body was flown by helicopter from the hospital to the coroner's office late Thursday.

Lawyer Brian Oxman, a spokesman for the Jackson family, told CBS's "The Early Show" on Friday that he had been concerned about the prescription drugs that Jackson took due to injuries suffered while performing.

"I had warned everyone that I could warn and I told them that one day, Michael Jackson is going to wake up dead, which is a very odd way of putting it ...," Oxman said. "I do not want to point fingers at anyone because I want to hear what the toxicology report says and the coroner says but the plain fact of the matter is that Michael Jackson had prescription drugs at his disposal at all times.

Detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department's Robbery Homicide division searched Jackson's home in the upscale Holmby Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles at the behest of Chief William Bratton. But they called the investigation an "everyday" event.

Facing a battered reputation and a mountain of debts which The Wall Street Journal reported ran to $500 million, Jackson had spent the last two months rehearsing for the London concerts, including Wednesday night at the huge Staples Center arena, home to the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team.

In death, his music enjoyed a commercial renaissance that had eluded him for years. His songs surged to the top 15 slots on online retailer Amazon.com Inc's best-selling albums within hours.


Jackson dominated the charts in the 1980s and is considered one of the most successful entertainers of the past century, with a lifetime sales tally estimated at 750 million records, 13 Grammy Awards and several seminal music videos to his name.

"Michael was and will remain one of the greatest entertainers that ever lived," said Motown Records founder Berry Gordy, Jackson's first label boss. "He was exceptional, artistic and original. He gave the world his heart and soul through his music."

Jackson's reputation as a singer and dancer was overshadowed in recent years by his increasingly abnormal appearance and bizarre lifestyle, which included his friendship with a chimp and a preference for the company of children.

He named his estate in the central California foothills Neverland Valley Ranch, in tribute to the J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan stories, and filled it with amusement park rides and a petting zoo.

Jackson was twice accused of molesting young boys and was charged in 2003 with child sexual abuse. He became even more reclusive following his 2005 acquittal and vowed he would never again live at Neverland.

Despite reports of Jackson's ill health, the promoters of the London shows, AEG Live, said in March that Jackson passed a 4-1/2 hour physical examination with independent doctors.

"I can't stop crying over the sad news," pop star Madonna said in a statement. "I have always admired Michael Jackson. The world has lost one of the greats but his music will live on forever."

Jackson was born on August 29, 1958, in Gary, Indiana, the seventh of nine children and first performed with his brothers as a member of the Jackson 5.

His 1982 album "Thriller" yielded seven top-10 singles. The album sold 21 million copies in the United States and at least 27 million internationally.

The following year, he unveiled his signature "moonwalk" dance move, gliding across the stage and setting off an instant trend, while performing "Billie Jean" during an NBC special.

In 1994, Jackson married Elvis Presley's only child, Lisa Marie, but the marriage ended in divorce in 1996.

"I'm so very sad and confused with every emotion possible. ... This is such a massive loss on so many levels, words fail me," Presley said in statement.

Jackson married Debbie Rowe the same year and had two children, before splitting in 1999, and he later had another child with an unidentified surrogate mother.

He is survived by three children named Prince Michael I, Paris Michael and Prince Michael II, known for his brief public appearance when his father held him over the railing of a hotel balcony, causing widespread criticism.

**wow, gilak ya, semua pasti pada kaget kan waktu denger dia meninggal. lagu-lagu nya mungkin gak pernah asing dari telinga kita, right? semoga dia bahagia di sisi BAPA ya :) rest in peace.

Kamis, 25 Juni 2009

baim si ganteng, smooch :)

duhh, bosen abis ini liburan. bayangin aja, saking bosen nya, gw uda nge post 2 kali hari ini. hoalah. eh tadi pas gw lagi google-ing, gw liat foto nya si baim. ini anak sih ganteng abis. gw pengen punya adek keg gini. hehehe :D love you, baim (:

nothing to do

wew, liburan gada kerjaan nih. bosan nya. seharian kerja nya cuman buka facebook doang, chatting, bbm-ing.
eh iya gw tadi sempet isi ini, yang mau copy silahkan :)

it's all about me, Gabriella Faustina..
Hair Color: black

Eye Color: black

Height: approximately 160

Profession: student

Relationship Status: complicated

Religious Views: catholic

Favorite Color: red
Favorite Car: mini cooper in yellow
Favorite Movie: night at the museum
Favorite Hobby: shopping for sure
Favorite Song/Singer: akon
Favorite Book/Author: mikko comic
Favorite School Subject: nothing
Favorite Vacation Destination: beach
Favorite Food: lasagna
Favorite Restaurant: sushi tei
Favorite Animal: doggie
Favorite Store: zara, topshop
Favorite Celebrity : agyness dyne!!
Favorite Childhood Memory: waktu dikejar kejar pake belalang. so silly!
Favorite Person In Your Life: parents
Favorite Facebook Application : restaurant city

Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolato
Big Mac or Whopper: big mac
Coke or Pepsi : coke
Beer or Wine: wine
Coffee or Tea: coffee
Apple Juice or O.J.: apple juice
Facebook or MySpace: facebook
Summer or Winter: winter
Windows or Mac: Mac
Cats or Dogs: doggie
Rain or Shine : rain
Chips or Popcorn: popcorn
Salty or Sweet: sweet
Plane or Boat: boat
Morning or Night: night
Movie or Play: movie
Walk or Drive: drive
Money or Love: money
Breakfast or Dinner: dinner
Forgiveness or Revenge: forgiveness
Paint or Wallpaper: wallpaper
House or Apartment: house

Have Any Pets: nope
Have Any Children: not yet
Smoke: nope
Drink: scarcely
Exercise: yeap, sometimes
Spend Your Life On Facebook: everyday
Play On A Sports Team: nope
Belong To Any Organizations: nope
Like To Cook: yess
Play An Instrument: piano
Sing: no
Dance: i don't think so
Speak Multiple Languages: yep
Ice Skate: nope
Swim: off course
Paint: nope
Write: sometimes
Ski: nope
Juggle: never

Stolen Anything: nope
Been Drunk Before Noon: no and never
Had Sex In A Public Place: never
Got Caught Telling A Lie: yeap
Got A Speeding Ticket: nope
Been Arrested: no lah ya
Littered: no
Cheated On A Test: yess!
Cheated In A Relationship: nope
Failed A Class: never
Stuck Gum Under A Desk: hehe :)
Wished You Were Someone Else: nope
Cried During A Movie: already
Had A One Night Stand: never

Describe Yourself In One Word: tertutup
Biggest Fear: kehilangan seseorang
Biggest Mistake: apa yaa?
#1 Priority In Your Life: make people around me SMILE :)
Dream Job: fashion bussiness
Causes You Believe In: jesus !
Special Talents: don't know
Where Are You Right Now: home sweet home
Famous Person You Want To Meet: agyness dyne!
Place To Visit Before You Die: parent's

Have you laughed until you cried: have
Have you found out who your true friends were: i don't think so
Met someone who changed you: yepp
Kissed anyone on your friends list: wow, nope
What were you doing at midnight last night: in sensy
Name something you CANNOT wait for: bali, i'm coming
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: yep
What are you listening to right now: sometimes when we touch - olivia
What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: ga akan pernah menyia-nyiakan sesuatu
Last time you saw your father : right now
Most visited webpage: blogger

First surgery : nope
First piercing : nope
First best friend : ridna wijaya
First sport you joined : swiming
First pet : rocky - my cihuahua
First vacation : kota kembang
First concert : java jazz i think
First crush : nope

Your ex and You: complicated
I am listening to: somestimes when we touch
Maybe I should: be patient
I love: all my frens, my family, and you.
My best friend(s): can't tell one by one
I don't understand: what i supposed to do
I have lost my respect for: nope
The meaning of my display name is: very lucky girl
I will always be: my self
Love seems to: beautiful but painfull
I never ever want to lose: you, the one that make me can't stop to smile
I get annoyed when: meet everyday
Do you like parties?: actually
Today I: feeling so annoying
I wish: everything gonna be ok

Minggu, 21 Juni 2009

heavenly blush ♥

it's about an ice cream labelled heavenly blush
frozen yoghurt same like j.cool and sour sally
The taste? jangan ditanya, dulunya gw yang sangat suka sama sour sally rasa nya gw bakal pindah hati milih heavenly blush. topping mochi nya haduuu enak banget, lebih empuk kenyel kenyel gimana gitu dibanding sama sour sally
bukan nya membandingkan merek ya, but you must try this!
store : pim, gading, and senayan city.

Kamis, 04 Juni 2009


Takkan pernah habis, air mataku
bila kuingat tentang dirimu..
Mungkin hanya kau tau,
Mengapa sampai saat ini, ku masih sendiri
Adakah disana, kau rindu padaku
Meski kita kini ada di dunia berbeda,
Bila masih mungkin waktu kuputar,
Kan kutunggu, dirimu..

Biarlah ku simpan,
Sampai nanti aku, kan ada disana
Tenanlah dirimu dalam kedamaian
Ingatlah cintaku
Kau tak terlihat lagi,
Namun cintamu abadi..