Kamis, 17 September 2009

my bitches; japalie-beatrice- me
me and michelle caroline

a boring day, and let's took a photo :)

today is Friday and it's a holiday. holiday is coming, holiday is coming, buanglah tas dan bukumu haha. ok maybe it isn't a long long holday, but i think it's enough to refresh my brain from CRUEL IPEKA. actually, i need long long holiday.

okay, my lapie is getting worse. lemot super ini laptob, sampe gw aja rasa nya males banget mau buka browser or anything. my lapie must see a doctor, need a lil bit reparation to heal some viruses. oia, why oh why, i'm not in good mood today, i have been faced some problem, but i wish everything gonna be alright then. fiuh!

on Monday, i wanna go to semarang for 5 days with my family. sebenernya sih ga pengen kemana mana, yah apa boleh dikata. my mom ask me to accompany her. and then, this a last post before i leaving jakarta. good bye everyone, have a great lebaran's holiday :))

Senin, 14 September 2009

night madness

untidier room

"just make it oldiest"
Rihhana with fleet ilya armoured handbag.
Fleet Ilya handbag side-slung across her body. With a shoulder feature that fuses leather with a hint of the medieval, the Fleet Ilya leather bag not only dresses up an otherwise dull jump suit, it's also capable of diverting attention from the Rihanna's tacky-as-hell nails and jewellery.

kristen stewart short black hair, 2010's trend fashion hair cut.


11.09.09- kenapa gw suka banget sama tanggal ini? yes right, karena ini ultah gw. dan ultah gw tahun ini gw sangat memperoleh banyak kebahagiaan dari taon2 sebelum nya. meskipun kebahagiaan nya harus dilalui dengan sedih-sedih dan nangis2 dulu :( but, my birthday in this year was irreplaceable sure :) eh iya, malem nya gw, keli, rio, angel, tipong berencana buat bantuin keli buat nembak temen gw, si *****. tadi nya sih mau pake red roses, cuman berhubung gak dapet, akhirnya kita bikin seadanya, yaitu dengan lilin, the result? gak jelek2 amat kok, malahan bagus plus romantis banget, how lucky you michelle putri :) seneng liat lu seneng beb! ga nyangka si keli bisa se-so sweet itu.

my birthday surprise <3

make a wish :)

yesterday, i gathered with my family. we ate seefood as usual at saung greenvil to celebrate my birthday . i'm very happy. i'm getting mature :) now i'm 16 years old, i must better than last year. 
thanks for all my fellas who surprised me on 11th september. it's the best moment i ever had before. one of my friend, Michelle Putri was getting mad with me, but it's just the reason to make me cry. damn you! but actually i love you all, especially michelle putri and angelina christianty, they mean everything :)

and i got 16 red roses when i woke up in early morning, thanks it means a lot for me <3