Sabtu, 28 November 2009

walk away..

It fresh from the oven, last Friday I went to sensy with my mom and accompanied her cause Friday was holiday . As usual, We shoped around. Like mother like daughter right? :) I’m craving for zara platform, but unlucky me the sizes were solded out. I wanna find it in pi or ps maybe. Btw, new moon is playing on movie now. Taylor lautner! Aw. You are so handsome guy, please be real but it's impossible and to good to be true. Dia bagikan pacar khayalan gw. Haha. I’m gonna watch it soon and wish me can get the ticket :)

boyfriend blazer- bloop, bodycon zipper dress- unbranded, neaklace- closet queen, stocking- zara, shoes- zara.

Kamis, 19 November 2009

a piece moment of friday.

denim jacket-gaudi, t-shirt-zara, denim pants-diy, acid shoes-michtybell, bag-yuan, bangles-bali.

in leopard wafyer-gift, yellow wayfer-forever 21, white wayfer-deby's.

left : vicky - christie - deby lynn - me

trio jeans LOL

when we so starving!

Hey everyone. actually, i'm not in good mood to blogging. don't know why, maybe because my school activities. sorry for late update. Last friday, there was nothing to do in home, then we decided to do "girls talked" in starbucks. and guess what, that was raining and it's made me wanna eat eat eat a lot. we talked to much that day. we shared anything that happened a week before. and it was fun, i enjoyed it. we capture the moment and laughed to much. then we went to mubaroqh and ordered food. oh, what a good night. I LOVE YOU, GIRLS ;D