Rabu, 23 Desember 2009

old friends

Last saturday was a great day, cause i met him (finally) and met my old friends, esp javon and randy. long time no see them. we met at senayan city, and sat at ohlala. we played capsa card as usual, and shared anything. randy also asked me to join his photoshoot with YAS. can't wait for it, i wanna do it on january with michelle, cynthia, deby, and others. i'm beyond happy, cause from now on i'm double :) in other words, i have a boyfriend who protects me. he's australian LOL. i mean, he studied in australia, melbie. not to mention, i got a flower from him. he's kinda romantic. i always love you, gelambir. ROFL. i met kiki and deby too, they had a blast in xlounge, but i didn't join them. something missed, cause christy wasn't there :( but, i love you nying-nying..

rheza and me :)

jovita and bella..

matthew, a silly boy

javon and randy

the nying nying(s) : michelle, me, cynthia, kiki, and deby.

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